Brilliant things happen with a little help.

Organizational betterment.

Making life better through artificial intelligence, science and a little love.

We help people measure, understand and strengthen what makes them tick.


Our initial technology was focused on measuring changes in happiness of people at work.

With our current stack we're focusing on making it easier for anyone to get better. Be it a better leader, employee, team-member.

When we're purposeful we feel we have a say in shaping our workday and our organisations, we feel we've made a difference. Not only are we happier, we just get more stuff done.

We're inspired by the works of Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi, the Hungarian psychologist who writes that when these moments occur, we enter a state of “flow.” And Wharton professor Adam Grant who notes how making work more meaningful translates directly into productivity. Or author Dan Coyle in The Culture Code who sets out the beautiful dynamic that seems to magically transform teams to do exceptional things, not just once, but again and again.

But human performance and happiness isn’t magic. It’s about all the tiny nudges that add up to make work something that gives meaning and energises, instead of drains.

Do you want to change the way the people in your organisation work and lead?

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